Harry was always the protective type. He got jealous easily. But man… Was he good in bed! You and Harry have been together for a little over a year. You two were more like that spontaneous couple who liked trying new things.. Such as… Positions (;
His parents were out of town and his little brother was at school. You had both graduated last year so you asked your parents to go hang out with your long term boyfriend. They didn’t necessarily like him, but after a while, they had stopped trying to get you to leave him. They knew you wouldn’t listen. About an hour later you were dressed up in your favorite outfit, along with his favorite pair of underwear and bra. Black lace. He always thought it was.. ‘Yummy’ on you.

Marcel wasn’t suppose to be home for another couple hours so Harry took you back to his place.

"Babe," he growled, "You know how much I love these… But they are going to have to come off." He slides down your body and stares at you full with lust. His teeth gently graze your hip as he takes the lace thong in his mouth. The next thing you know, he’s pushing you against the wall with his boxers to his knees.

That’s when Marcel walks in… “Hey. I was wondering if you kne-” the only thing that drew you two apart was Marcel’s screams. You both quickly jumped to the bed to cover up and Marcel had his eyes clothes as he continued screaming.

"Why the fuck are you not in school!?" Harry shouted.

"It’s Saturday!!" Marcel yelled. A few seconds later Marcel was running out of the house trying to forget the horrible sight he witnessed.


WHOOPS.  Plot Twist!
Sorry if wasn’t what you expected. Haha.
Much love!

Xx Bethany

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